I joined the Navy right after high school. In my free time, I would visit the base library, inside I found photography books and magazines that allowed me to travel through time and took me to exotic places. I became curious about the mechanics of photography and wondered how you made a career out of what seemed like a hobby.

After leaving the military I signed up for some art classes in Oregon. These classes helped me learn the basics of photography. From there I moved to Maine, where I landed a job with a commercial photographer, a graduate of RISD, he provided me with a free education in the most technical aspects of photography.

My next stop was New York City, where I worked for 10 years and experienced every genre of commercial photography. I took advantage of frequent art exhibits, where I was able to contrast my commercial knowledge with abstract photographic ideas. I also began to work on my own projects with clients including Martha Stewart Living, House Beautiful, Conde Nast, Departures, and Nordstrom.

I currently live in the Midwest, not far from where I started. I still love using light to tell compelling stories. Thank you for your interest in my work.

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