Just out of high school and in the Navy, I started to gain anappreciation of photography. I would go to the base library to look at magazines and photography books. I became curious about the mechanics of images and wondered how someone created a career around this work.

Later while living in Oregon I took some art classes and began to dig deeper into the fundamentals of photography. I moved to Maine where I was fortunate enough to apprentice with a commercial photographer who was a very technical thinker and a graduate of RISD.

My next stop was New York City where I worked for ten years for commercial and art photographers. I was able to gain specialized skills in still life, fashion, and interior photography. I began to shooting my own work and have since worked for clients including Martha Stewart Living, House Beautiful, Nordstrom, Departures, and Walrus Advertising.

I currently live in the Midwest, where I am a very proud dog owner, a father, and husband. I still love the craftsmanship of mixing light, subject, and a camera to create a finished image. Thank you to my sweet aunt Brigid and Thatcher who served as great guides early on.